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The Origin of Abba

How did we get here? Where were we before we came here? Who were we before we came here? What are the next steps before us? It begins in that great and spacious town of Abba, a town filled with age, lore and history...


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Why Osu Migrated

There are many reasons why an individual or a group of individuals migrate from one place to another. The reasons could be social, psychological or political.


Abba Nwauruogu symbol

The Abba-Isu War

In the past, Isu people lived in close quarters with Abba indigenes. A land dispute between the two towns led to an armed conflict that lasted from 1910 to 1930.


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Abba During the Colonial Years

The 19th-century British colonisation significantly altered the social, cultural and economic systems of Igboland.  In the 1910s, Christianity arrived in Abba and created a mishmash of faith adherence among older people.


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Industry and Trade in Ancient Abba

Like many pre-colonial African societies, ancient Abba people were predominantly subsistence farmers.Yam was the staple crop, and popular livestock included poultry, goats, sheep, and cattle.