Promoting Sustainable Development 3

Chief Joe Nwachukwu


I recommend we set a ten-year plan with a five-year mid­ term evaluation in order to review the project and strengthen the project implementation. In addition to yearly reviews by the main actors at Abba general and autonomous community levels.                                              ·

The need for reviews

The objective of these reviews will be:

    1. Assess the achievement of the project against the state objectives and goals to consider the expected output versus the actual output.
    2. Assess the conceptual framework, project strategies as well as design assumptions and the extent to which these have contributed positively or negatively to the project.
    3. Assess the project’s impact on the targeted communities, particularly looking at the expected outcomes and actual outcomes to date.
    4. Assess project implementation and effectiveness, management systems, the use and deployment of project resources and meeting the milestones.
    5. Identifying the challenges associated with project implementation to date.
    6. Make recommendations in respect of the previous five (5) areas for the remaining period of the project.


In conclusion, this lecture recognises the fact that the sustainable livelihoods concept espouses and provides a more holistic approach to addressing poverty and is therefore useful for addressing the highlighted causes of poverty.

To achieve our target, we must stay focused on our sustainable livelihoods concept which enhances capacity, assets and activities.

This will ultimately enable our communities to cope better with the shocks and stress of daily living and enhance the activities of our communities.

These activities will provide net benefits to Abba society at large, induce growth, reduce poverty and most importantly, provide opportunities for the next generation.

Thank you very much for listening and I thank you for giving me the opportunity to articulate·my views for the well-being and improvement of our communities

Long live Abba General!

Long Live Abba Stakeholders Forum!

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